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Donavon Lee’s debut album: “Donavon Lee Project”
Released December 1, 2018

We’re letting you in on several of the tracks on the new album. BUT these are only short clips. Teasers if you like.

PLUS… Donavon Lee is releasing some new single songs, including a new duet with Tiffany! Check out the teasers below…

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Always About a Woman – Teaser

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Only Love Carries On – Teaser
Duet ft. Tiffany

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Waste My Life Away
Nashville Sessions – Teaser

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Waste My Life Away
(Nashville Sessions) Remix
Release Date: 2021

Only Love Carries On – Duet ft. TIFFANY
Release Date: April 29, 2021

Lonely Road
Dedicated to 4THE22 and our Veterans
Release Date: 2018-12-01

Tight Pants Boogie
Release Date: 2018-12-01

The Rest of Our Lives
Release Date: 2018-12-01

Another Beach Song

Stompin’ Ground

What Kind of Memory Am I?

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