Traditional Country Vocalist in a Modern Country Package


2019 Josie Music Award Winner

Donavon Lee Carpenter’s brand of country music resonates down-home, traditional country vibes that make you want to turn the radio up, put the tailgate down, and play your guitar with friends by the bonfire.

The Nashville-based singer-songwriter has been making waves from Michigan all the way down to Key West with his refined blend that time-honored country sound, impactful lyrics, and harmonies that reel you in like a fish on a hook. Above all, his music is often praised for its commanding sound and empowering messages that find their way to a special place in the listener’s heart.

Growing up in Fort Worth, Texas, Donavon would find himself dreaming of one day being able to record his own country music record for his mother. Inspired by the straightforward yet smooth bass-baritone voice of Don Williams and a through a collaboration of a community of people, Donavon has created a place and name for himself in the up-and-coming country music scene.

2018 saw the release of Donavon’s self-titled full-length album, produced in Nashville. Without taking the time to stop and smell the roses Donavon followed up the release of his album with two self-funded cross-country music tours. He has since been working diligently at his 2nd full-length album release back home in Nashville, which will feature songs written by some of country music’s greatest singer, songwriters. Ultimately, it is the return to his roots for the artist, as he cites that simply the act of being back in his home with his wife Crystal allows for a deeper, more genuine form of expression which allows him to write easier.

Stay tuned for further release details, including tour dates in a city near you. In the meantime, jump into Donavon Lee Carpenter’s musical diary by heading to his Spotify.

Music Charts

Over 25 weeks on A1A Radio’s Weekly Trop 40 Countdown

11 Weeks at #1

25 Weeks in the Top 3

Nominated for Trop Rock Magazine’s Best Beach Song

A1A Radio’s Weekly Trop 40 Song of the Year WINNER

10 Weeks on the Euro Academy of Country Music

2 Weeks @ #1

4 Weeks in the Top 5

8 Weeks on the Euro Academy of Country Music

2 Weeks @ #1

5 Weeks in the Top 5

Voted in to the top 100 Country Wedding Songs of 2019

6 Weeks on the Euro Academy of Country Music

1 Week at #1

2 Weeks in the Top 5

Fan Stats

YouTube Views - 27,000
YouTube Subscribers - 1,200
Spotify Streams - 22,000
Social Media Following - 25,000
Facebook Review Rating - 5 out of 5
Merchandise Items Offered - 230

Opened Main Stage for

Fan-Funded Tours

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Fan-Funded Tours 2019

The Donavon Lee Project  –  29 Cities in 9 Weeks

The Donavon Lee Tiki Tour  –  3 Cities, 8 Venues in 7 days


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