MUSIC VIDEO PREMIER - “Waste My Life Away” (Nashville Sessions) Remix

MUSIC VIDEO PREMIER - “Waste My Life Away” (Nashville Sessions) Remix

March 17, 2022

“Waste My Life Away”
(Nashville Sessions) Remix

March 17, 2022 @ 9pm PST

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Remix of the original “Waste My Life Away” written, produced and performed by Gulf War Veteran, Modern Country, Nashville Recording Artist, Three-time Josie Music Award, Winner Donavon Lee Carpenter.


Recorded in the famous Studio B Sound Emporium and filmed by Stormlight Pictures
Music Producer: Mark Alberici
Lead Singer: Donavon Lee Carpenter
Drums: Cody Waggett
Bass: Jake Barr
Lead Guitar: Kyle Bruich
Rhythm Guitar: Mark Alberici
Pedal Steel: Eddy Dunlap
Fiddle: Emmy Jerde
Mixing: Adrian Hall
Mastering: Sir Ryan Smith

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