The Donavon Factor!

Join Donavon Lee Carpenter and friends on an exciting, fun-packed cruise to Bermuda aboard the Norwegian Encore, Norwegian Cruise Line’s latest addition to its young, modern fleet. No rushing back to the ship as we spend 3 days and 2 overnights in King’s Wharf, Bermuda with a 24 hour gangway.  Be prepared for pink sand beaches and late nights on shore!!


We’re calling it The Donavon Factor.  Your cruise will be custom designed to offer intimate opportunities to engage and enjoy musical performances, new releases, and personal time with our rising star in the Country and Tropical Americana music scene.   Book a Haven Suite to “Hang in The Haven” with Donavon Lee Carpenter to enjoy additional more personal experiences and performances.


Departing from New York City on May 31, 2020, you will enjoy 7 fun-filled nights on a journey unlike any other.

May 31 to June 7, 2020

How to Register for the cruise?


Click the link below for full details on staterooms, pricing, amenities and packages. You’ll find a web form at the bottom of the link page, but check out all the stateroom choices and choose the cabin type that fits your preferences and budget.  Suites are at the top of the page with balcony staterooms in the middle, ocean view and interior cabins at the bottom of the page.


How much does the cruise cost?


Depends on the cabin selected and the number of passengers in your cabin.  An interior cabin is less than $77.00 per person per day plus taxes and fees for double occupancy.


What is included in the stateroom cost?


All stateroom rates are listed on the link page. You can view them by clicking the “Cruise Pricing Details” button. The rates include a private access pass to exclusive group events with Donavon Lee Carpenter & Friends.  7 night cruise to Bermuda on Norwegian’s newest ship with meals included in complimentary dining venues.  Additionally, Interior, Ocean view, Balcony and Mini-Suite stateroom reservations include choice of two free amenity packages (Adult Beverage, Specialty Dining Experiences, Shore Excursion Credit or Wi-Fi Internet Minutes).  Haven Suite reservations include all four free amenity packages.


Click the button for more details and the web signup.

Please review all the details!

How much money do I pay now?


Inside, Ocean view, Balcony and Mini-Suite staterooms only require a $50.00 per person refundable deposit to confirm a stateroom reservation (reduced deposit promotion available until June 30, 2019).  Haven Suites require $750.00 per person refundable deposit.  Final payment for all stateroom reservations is due by February 1, 2020.


Why do I sign up now?


Reserve a stateroom on the Donavon Lee Carpenter music cruise by June 30, 2019 and only pay $50.00 per person refundable deposit to reserve a cabin. Standard deposit requirement is $250.00 per person.  The Donavon Lee Carpenter cruise travel agency Fantastic Endeavors will contact you to confirm your cabin request and reserve your stateroom after you complete the web form request at the bottom of the page.


Special Requests


Stateroom rates and deposit requirements for triple, quad and larger occupancy cabins are available upon request.  A limited inventory of ADA accessible staterooms are available.  Please note special requests in the sign up form at the bottom of the page.

Come Join us for an amazing week!