Bedazzle your Donavon Lee apparel...
And enter for a chance to win!

Buy a shirt, hoodie or other merchandise, bedazzle it, put it on and take a photo.  Send us your pic with your name and email and we’ll enter you in the contest to WIN!  Find the entry form below, under the poster.

First Prize: $200.00 MC/Visa Gift Card
Redeemable Everywhere

Second Prize: A Donavon Lee Gift Basket

Third Prize: Another Beach Song Tote Bag Filled with Goodies

We’re adding lots of fun stuff to our collection of goodies on our Merch page. Be sure to keep checking back with us for more great merch!

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</p> <p><center>Bedazzle Your Donavon Merch!</center>

Bedazzle Your Donavon Entry Form:

1. Make a Donavon Lee merchandise purchase
2. Bedazzle it, the more the better
3. Put it on or lay it out
4. Take a photo
5. Submit your entry below
6. Send us your Name, Email and Photo attachment